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2016+ Ford Focus RS E-tune Packages

2016+ Ford Focus RS E-tune Packages

$ 200.00

Single E-tune will cover a one time tuning session (no time limit to get us logs) for your current modifications and your desired fuel. Once the tune is complete, your purchase is finalized. Single E-tune will account for any upgrades done to your vehicle, including turbo upgrades. You only get to choose one fuel, if you want multiple fuel tunes you will need to purchase a UNLIMITED tune. If at a later date you add more upgrades and require a re-tune you will need to purchase another single E-tune or upgrade to UNLIMITED tune. 

Unlimited E-tune will cover the same as above, but will remain open after your tune is finalized. This is what we recommend for customers that know they will be adding performance upgrades to their car regularly. Here is an example; We tune your vehicle for 100% stock configuration on E30, if you add a downpipe simply email us and we will send you a new tune file to log. Add an exhaust, intercooler, intake, turbo kit, you are covered. Never again will you have to pay for another tune as long as you own the vehicle and Accessport. 

During the E-tuning process you will be required to datalog multiple parameters to allow us to view how your car is reacting to each revision. Usually we can finalize a tune in about 5-7 revisions. So plan on being able to make 2nd and 3rd gear pulls from 3000rpms to redline in a SAFE AREA to finalize a tune. Big turbo may take a few more revisions to finalize depending on the kit, or upgrade.

Most revisions are made within 24-48 hours from the time you send a email with a datalog. If there is going to be any delay you will be notified (out of office reply). If you need a tune finalized in a short period of time, please see my live tuning page. 
CUSTOMER NOTE: We have the right to deny service to any customer for any reason without a refund once the tuning process has started. If you placed an order and your configuration is not ideal or too risky to tune we will issue a refund. If we started the tune process and your car has constant hardware or engine problems we will not continue to tune the vehicle. If you are an unlimited customer the tune will cover additions of continual UPGRADE modifications (Ex: You go from bolt on's to port injection, then big turbo, then built engine). If you decide to go back to stock to sell/trade in your vehicle we will not re-tune your vehicle and start from scratch. Unlimited is intended for the continual quest for more power. 
Tunes cannot be transferred if you sell your vehicle or Accessport. The customer that placed the order will be the only person to receive tune files for their own vehicle. If you sell your vehicle the tuning service does not go to the new vehicle owner, same applies if you sell your Accessport to someone else the new owner of the Accessport will not receive our tuning services unless they purchase their own tune. Additionally if you sell your vehicle and get the same vehicle you will need to purchase another tune.
Built engine customers - We will only tune engine setups that use the 2.0L block as a base. All our Crate Engine Longblocks, and Shortblocks use the 2.0L Block. The 2.3L block is too weak to handle bigger power without cracking. It also has a weak gasket surface and leads to premature headgasket failure. If you have a built 2.3L engine you will be required to sign a waiver in order for us to tune it and we will not push it over 450whp on race fuel or E85. 

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